Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Clay - a way of cleaning your skin

Clay - your trustworthy friend for a skincare. There are no bacteria, it absorbs toxins, smells and gases, kills pathogenic bacteria and is fine clearing means, and at addition of various elements - and nutritious.

The version of clay On counters of shops can meet white, red, yellow, green, grey and blue clay. Its each kind is used in cosmetology and medicine. Green, blue and white clay meets more often, than other kinds.

Clay is on sale in the pure state, also it is a part of available masks, shampoos and even tooth-pastes. Green clay basically is used for treatment of hair and skin of a face, for struggle with seborrhea. Possesses fine absorbing property and is ideal means for deep clearing of skin. Such clay is better approaches for a fat skin of the person and a head as promotes narrowing of times and improves function of sebaceous glands. Is fine toning up means, causes inflow of blood to a surface of a leather and provides with its necessary feed. Stimulates regeneration of cells of the skin.

Tightens of skin, gives to it smoothness and elasticity, restores a normal metabolism, a line of the person, effectively softens, smooths wrinkles and removes puffiness. Possesses antibacterial properties. In blue clay mineral salts and microcells which we require contain all: phosphate, iron, nitrogen, etc.

This fine anti-inflammatory means possessing clearing and disinfectant properties. Makes active blood circulation and strengthens process of an exchange in cells of a leather. In national medicine blue clay is used as effective means in struggle with hair loss. White clay still refers to kaolin. Useful properties kaolin have been described still Hippocrates in IV century. It is known, that white clay was the constant component which is a part of masks of beauties of all times. Kaolin
it is rich, zinc and magnesium, promotes the termination of loss of hair and strengthens fragile and weak.

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