Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to make skin mask from clay

The clay mask is simple enough in preparation.

For this purpose it is enough to fill in 2-3 items of the spoon of clay mineral no gases and, not mixing to leave for 30 minutes. It is necessary to consider, that the height of a layer of mineral water should be equaled about 5 mm.

For achievement of a positive effect it is possible to refuse water, differently chlorine will start to irritate skin, causing reddening and a peeling. While water completely will not be absorbed in clay, the weight should not be mixed, differently are formed on skin.

Such mask will be very difficult for imposing on the person. The ready mask should have a consistence of dense paste. Otherwise the mask or will not be kept on a leather of the person (too liquid), or cannot deeply get into times of skin (too dense). To reach an optimum variant, it is necessary to add at constant stirring in weight a small amount of water. Other components used for preparation of masks from clay, it is necessary to add in it at mixing, and here oils to pour in dry clay is better.

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