Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dove - my favourite smell

Dove was born in the USA in 1956 when experts of the company have created the unique formula of a cream-washed - clearing means for a leather which on 1/4 consists of a humidifying cream and does not contain some alkali.
It is remarkable, that Dove it was developed specially for care of skin after burns (for clarification of skin burn patients). Efficiency and especial properties Dove have induced manufacturers to share an innovation with a mass audience - to start cream-washed Dove in sale. Buyers at once have appreciated a novelty, in fact unlike usual soap Dove does not dry and does not irritate the skin, it even can be used for acceptance of baths. In 1979 independent clinical research has proved: Dove soap of other known makes skin more softly, than. The formula of humidifying developed more 40 years ago till now has no analogues and continues to win new admirers all over the world - Dove is popular more than in 80 countries of the world.

Clinical tests have proved, that cream-washed Dove:
- does not irritate even a dry and sensitive skin
- Supports natural structure of a healthy leather
- Restores a protective barrier of skin, limiting influence of aggressive factors of an environment
- Promotes adjournment of a stearin acid on a horn layer epidermis and to its penetration into deeper layers It is combined with the medical preparations applied

Within more than 40 years we used real women during shootings our advertising without retouching.

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