Monday, September 15, 2008

Is your skin getting old?

According to statistics, almost two thirds of all cosmetic means are intended for struggle against skin aging. Many of us are convinced till now that there are certain magic means which are capable to return us the youth.

Is it right? And which are the real reasons of aging? Whether it is possible to speak about skin aging, without taking into account a condition of all organism? Why we grow old?

We will begin conversation with the reasons of aging of an organism as a whole. After all the skin is its only small part. That is why its age changes simply reflect all that occurs to all organism.

Scientists assert that aging is a process with two components: hereditary and got. There is a set of hypotheses about the biological reasons of this process from which it is possible to allocate two cores: the theory of accident of errors and the theory of internal clocks. The theory of accident of errors At studying of various types of pathologies and frequencies of their occurrence depending on age of Lesli Orgel in 1963 has put forward a hypothesis that ageing grows out of accumulation of errors at cellular level.

The external reasons (ionising radiation, toxic products etc.) and the internal reasons (free radicals) provoke, according to the theory, occurrence of errors in the genetic program. These errors lead to gradual infringement of functions of a cage and even to synthesis of an abnormal protein. Progressive accumulation of these errors during time results, as assume, to the gradual termination of functions of a cage in particular and an organism as a whole, causes aging, and then and death.

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