Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cleaning your skin

There are three effective ways of care of skin: clearing, a feed and maintenance of a tone. If one of the listed ways, effect or in general can not be, or it will be rather insignificant.

Clearing Clarification is the first stage of care of skin of the person. To clear the person follows in the morning and in the evening, but the basic nevertheless is evening clearing.

Accumulating in times the dust and other pollution stir to natural allocation of skin bacon that complicates breath of skin and absorption her of vitamins and nutrients. Regular evening clearing will provide sensation of cleanliness, and in the morning to you enough only will freshen slightly skin. It is recommended to wash cool boiled, instead of water water with soap in the morning. After such washing often there is a sensation, the skin can start to be shelled, become covered by red spots, to become drier. It is result of that soap destroys natural fatty greasing.

For mitigation of water it is possible to use usual soda. For this purpose put on 1 glass of water 1 ч. The spoon of baking soda, finish to boiling and cool. For washing dissolve V4 a part of a glass of water with soda in 1,5 l waters.

The most simple, widespread and useful means for evening clearing a leather of the person and a neck of any type is vegetable oil. For this procedure any will approach vegetative oil. 1-2 ч. Spoons of oil for 1 minutes put in a porcelain liqueur glass or a jar in hot water. The wadded tampon slightly impregnated by this oil, clear all surface of a leather of the person. Then oil put already more strongly moistened tampon. In 2-3 minutes oil remove, moistened lotion, tea, boiled water. To clear a leather more deeply, it is necessary to use resulted below fruit, vegetable and other masks.

For skin cleaning it should be used a scrub - a skin exfoliator. Such as Revitol- which is a very effective product for skin care.

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