Friday, June 13, 2008

Sun for our skin

sun careIn the strange image within several decades the majority of representatives of "white" race found especial appeal and a sunburn leather. Why? Because sunburn associated with the nature, sports, productive leisure and fitness - one these concepts already cause pleasant sensations. But since some time sunburn began to get out of fashion more and more - at least sunburn at any cost. Later with detection of an ozone gap and growth all over the world cancer diseases of a leather that skin doctors spoke always became clear to fanatics of sunburn: ultra-violet radiation of the sun among all factors of aging the worst. Knowingly in the beginning of a century of the woman which could allow itself it, carried hats, veils and gloves that a leather as it is possible longer remained young and there where it is not protected by clothes. Later some decades on many men and women became appreciable, that from regular sunburn their leather, especially on the person, looks prematurely grown old.
Dangerous to a leather ultra-violet radiation is done with high energy. It gets into a leather and destroys biochemical structures. Scientists have proved, that the sun radiates three kinds of ultra-violet beams (are described below in ascending order destructive influence): 1. UVA-beams (And-beams) - get deeply into a leather, reducing its elasticity and elasticity, causing the presenilation of the leather expressed in accelerated formation of wrinkles, pigmentary spots and freckles, especially at fair-haired and light-eyed people. High activity of such beams provokes development of a cancer of a leather. 2. UVB-beams (In-beams) - can cause burns of a leather, are the direct reason of occurrence of a cancer of a leather. 3. UVC-beams (With-beams) - are killing for flora and fauna. The ozone cloud of an atmosphere surrounding our ground, absorbs them, protecting all alive from destructive influence of these beams. But, as is known, the ozone cloud of an atmosphere for last decades became less powerful. Scientists predict substantial growth of quantity of diseases by a cancer of a leather. As a result of action of ultra-violet beams there are so-called free radicals which cause a solar burn, and recycling ability of cells goes down. Consequence become visible not at once, but drying arising for a long time and hardening of fabrics, premature formation of wrinkles and, at worst, painful changes of a leather down to a cancer.

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