Friday, June 13, 2008

Skin exposed on sun

Scientific researches have shown, that approximately two thirds of our life pass under so-called casual influence of solar beams. Besides some UV-beams get even through simple glass. From the sun it is impossible to hide. Even in cloudy, rainy day you are overtaken with 80 % of solar beams. So do not forget to use sun-protection means and when the sun does not shine. The sun will find you and in water, therefore do not forget to put sun-protection means during bathing. Means for protection against the sun protect from practically irreversible process of aging of a leather caused by influence of solar beams. Very often wrinkles, brown spots are caused at all by age, and a sunlight. Though the age influences occurrence of wrinkles, but not in that measure as we have got used to consider. What it is necessary to consider, choosing sun-protection means?

Pigmentation of a leather - our organism tries to protect itself itself from the sun by means of a special pigment of melanin which is present at the top layer of a leather. The more melanin, the the leather of the person, that above a degree of security from influence of solar beams is more swarty. Therefore people with a light leather and light hair, i.e. with the small maintenance of melanin in a leather, more all are subject to destroying influence of the sun and consequently, and risk to be ill with a cancer of a leather. Nevertheless even black people are exposed to solar burns and fall ill with a cancer of a leather.

Medicaments treatment - many medical preparations applied to destination of the doctor, can promote increase of sensitivity of a leather to solar beams. If you accept medicines consult in this occasion to your attending physician and necessarily enter into the use regular application of sun-protection means.

Stay on open air - to people who on a regular basis go in for sports, spend a lot of time for a summer residence, it is recommended to carry easy cotton clothes with long sleeves and headdresses with wide fields, and, certainly, it is necessary for summer residents to use sun-protection creams. The most adverse time for stay on the sun - from 11 o'clock till 15 o'clock, and peak of solar activity is necessary for May - August.

Artificial sunburn - according to data of the American Fund of struggle against a cancer of a leather, and also in opinion of many authoritative scientists, artificial sunburn can be many times more dangerous than stay on the sun. Anyway, now it is not received yet a solid data about long-term effect of influence of devices of artificial sunburn. You always should remember that any sunburn, and intensive in particular, already is the certificate of that you have harmed to a leather. The beautiful sunburn got by you - the direct proof of damage of a leather, and consequently, its presenilation.

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