Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feeding your skin

After clearing your skin, it is necessary to borrow in its feed. It is necessary to remember, that the skin requires nutritious means in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

For nutritious masks vegetables and fruit are suitable practically all. These masks contain many vitamins and are used basically for improvement of a feed of skin. Masks from a cucumber, a tomato, pumpkins, a banana, kiwi are good. For the best effect it is necessary to know Action on a leather of the vitamins containing in vegetables and fruit.

Vitamin A. Accelerates exfoliation of horn cells, makes your skin more smooth and elastic. Vitamin A is necessary first of all for a dry leather.

Vitamin E. Protects skinr from withering. It easily gets through superficial layers of a leather. Vegetables and the fruit containing vitamin E, promote humidifying of a leather, is the easy filter for ultra-violet beams.

Vitamin C. The most scarce for skin vitamin as supply by it worsens because of physical and mental stresses. Plays the important role in formation of collagen and strengthening of fabrics.

Vitamin K. Constrains development of an inflammation, reduces hypostases. Vegetables and the fruit containing this vitamin, it is possible to use for external treatment various skin pigmentation.

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