Friday, June 13, 2008

Should you Sunbathe?

sun careFirst let's consider the positive parties of influence of the sun. Being on the sun, you feel healthy, the level of blood circulation raises, there is a sensation of vivacity. The sun is useful for bones, a teeth and hormonal system of the person. Under influence of the sun vitamin D is developed. In some cases the sun helps to get rid from spots. Now - about what we risk. Influence of the sun causes: presenilation of a Skin; deep wrinkles (which it is impossible to smooth); occurrence of spots and freckles on a Skin; a cancer of Skin; a burn; photoreactions to some kinds of products, medicines and cosmetics; occurrence of irritation in the form of aqueous ; at some people - occurrence rashes on skin. According to last researches, superfluous action of ultra-violet beams can weaken immune system. The solar burn is not simply time phenomenon which completely disappears. As a rule, the solar burn is stable enough form of defeat of Skin, and scientists result more and more than proofs of that solar burns contribute to disease malignant melanoma - with the most serious form of a skin cancer. Only in the USA every year approximately 600 000 person fall ill with a cancer and nearby 7800 from them die. From all cancer diseases a skin cancer - one of the most widespread forms, also it is remarkable, that set from these cases it was possible to avoid.

The skin very much suffers from the sun: it does not forget " any ultra-violet rise which has concerned it when that was, since the first day of a life. It concerns as to a short-wave ultraviolet which, depending on a doze, burns skin, and to long-wave which contains and in a usual daylight. This radiation too raises the general doze and brings the contribution to the factor of aging. Thus, as a whole the person receives essentially a greater doze of an irradiation, than a body, and requires the strengthened protection - and not only during holiday. Lips burn especially easily. Therefore always cover with their protective means. As the protective film is very quickly pinched, renew its each hour. At propensity to a herpes (which often happens reaction to solar stress) at occurrence of first attributes apply special ointment.

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