Saturday, June 14, 2008

Types of Skin

types of skinThere are four basic types of a skin: dry, normal, combined and fat. Each type has the characteristics and demands special means on care of skin.

The dry skin has small times and a matte (dim) shade, is characterized by the lowered maintenance of fat. Wrinkles on a dry skin, especially around of eyes, are formed quickly. Dryness of skin happens with women 50 years old, at those who lives in hot and dry, or in a cold dry climate more often is more senior. Dryness of a skin can appear at women who do not protect the person from influence of an environment, consume quantity of water insufficient for an organism, etc. the Leather becomes rough, begins is shelled, appear трещинки. The level pH for a dry leather is in a range from 3 up to 5,5. In some cases the dry leather can be especially sensitive then speak about type - " a sensitive leather " (means not allergic, namely sensitivity).

The normal skin looks healthy, with equal and small times. The maintenance of fat and a moisture in it is balanced, and the irritation on a leather appears infrequently. On skin of such type if for it correctly to look after, wrinkles do not arise till an old age. The level pH a normal skin is equal 5,5.

types of skinThe combined skin looks healthy, with enough equal structure and fat sites, with large times in the field of a T-zone which are passing through a forehead, a nose and a chin, with possible sites of dryness on cheeks, in the field of eyes and on temples. Non-uniform painting of a skin is possible. On skin of such type if for it correctly to look after, wrinkles also long do not appear. The level pH for the combined skin differs on various sites of skin, and can change from 3 (on dry sites) up to 6 (on fat).

The fat skin is consequence of the raised secretion of sebaceous glands, has characteristic fat shine, large times which are very appreciable. Such skin is inclined to occurrence spots. The fat skin is not inclined to formation of wrinkles - surplus of skin fat protects it from drying. The level pH can reach 6.

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