Friday, June 13, 2008

What is skin about?

skinThe skin represents the most important protective system of your body. It realizes a lot of functions which are important for human existence. Especially talking about face skin, this is important for each person as it keeps him staying sociable due to how he looks. Your skin is always exposed to the views of other people, that is why women pay a huge attention on how their skin looks.
One forth of the blood circulation goes through your skin. That's why it is important to keep it healthy and clean. The skin should have enough oxygen and vitamins for a proper existence.
Your skin is always renewing. This means that the old cells die and the new one appear. When you take a shower the old cells fell down. The entire process of renewing of the cell passes the term of 28 days normally.
The skin protects your inside organs from any outside harm. The temperature of the body is being kept at the level of 36,6 degrees. Due to the peculiarities of the skin which help to reduce the temperature or to higher it.

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