Friday, June 13, 2008

Sun care

sun careEach skin is supposed under the influence of the sun.
Means of solar protection are included into number of the most important preparations offered by modern cosmetics. Their action is based that chemical filtering substances similarly to tiny aerials catch ultra-violet radiation and change under its influence. For this chemical transformation they use a part of energy of radiation; thus, this energy does not reach underlaying cells. Lack of chemical filters: they get into a leather and (in insignificant quantities) through blood get in an organism. Besides they can cause an allergy. To avoid that and Another, have been developed sun protective substances consisting from it is thin the ground mineral pigments. They remain on a surface of a leather and block a solar irradiation, reflecting beams. In the rest sun-protection creams consist, as well as other lotions, of fat and water, and also happen the substances softening irritations and humidifying a leather, and also " hunters of radicals " - such, as vitamin E.
After long contact to the sun the moisture and a cool are necessary for a leather. It will help it to heal the damages put by the sun, and will make sunburn more beautifully. If the leather has reddened directly during a solar bath, means, you have already received a solar burn. But even if the leather has not reddened, there is no guarantee, that anything the nanosecond happens, because a leather - the device with late ignition. And only in some hours it will let to you the know, it has mastered or not a doze of a ultraviolet. Even if all has managed, the leather is necessary for helping creams, lotions and masks which calm, cool and heal fine damages to a horn layer. Specially for these purposes exist so-called sun care products. But it is possible to apply and usual preparations if they are rich with humidifying substances and contain not enough fat. It is important, that they did not cork a leather and did not raise blood circulation. It would aggravate inflammatory processes instead of softening them.
SPF - size of the sun-protection factor on classification of Department of the USA on quality assurance of foodstuff, medicines and cosmetic means. Allows to estimate a degree of protection of cosmetic means from ultra-violet radiation. If value SPF to increase for a while, which you can lead on the sun without damages (before easy reddening) to turn out time which you can lead on the sun with use of the given cosmetic means.

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